September 30, 2009


I have been playing with Cledus today. He is soo cool! On this card I have used a pice of old Jeans, a necklace, some ducktape and some screws. I have rubbed it hard with sandpaper and tried to make it dirty with some charcoal colored ink.

The sentiment on top seays something like "So, you have entered the repair-age?" And the one underneath Cledus says "Happy birthday".

September 29, 2009


My mojo has taken some time out. So today I have been shopping, it always helps!
I bougth this beautiful black and red paper and I just had to use it right away. I can't scan this card because of the button, and I really could not get a good picture of it with my camera.
This is for the MMSC # 21

It does not show very good in this card, but I made another one with the same paper.

Do you see the red flowers on the black paper. They shine, and it is just fantastic! I did steel the idea for this card from the Panduro catalogue, if someone felt that they have seen this card before they probably have ;o)

I also bought a new stamp that I want to use for my signature. I fell in love with this stamp the first time I saw it.

Isn't it great? I'm so happy!

Well, I am so tired now that I might see pink elephants or something, so I better get of to bed.


September 16, 2009

MMSC#19 A variation over a theme

My adorable little niese was christened this sunday, and since I was so rude that I stole the table decorations, I had to pay back by making the "Thank you" cards.

It is possible that I will need a week or two to depink myself after this.

I did not have to make more than 5 cards, so I decided to make 5 different ones. This first one is made after the MMSC # 19 sketch.

The second one is made after the MMSC # 18 sketch, but I did not make the deadline. The pink "flowers" on this card is the tabledecorations I stole.

Theese two next ones is both scraftlifts made for the "kortcup" over at Kreative Sider. I can only enter one of them I think. Have not decided which one yet.

Isn't my little niese just adorable? I hate that I live so far away from her and her brother. I don't get to see them as often as I want to. It is a 3,5 hours drive between us.

All the cards are the same on the inside. A picture of my brother and Sara at the church.


September 7, 2009

Mojo monday and a card for Paige

It was really hard to find the Mojo today. I do sleep very badly at the moment, så I am very tired. But I have to stay awake until bedtime. So I spent my time trying to make something out of Mojo mondays sketch.

But this is more than just a card for a sketchchallenge. I have made this card for a very brave young girl named Paige. I heard about Paige from Erins blog and thought that it would be nice to give this little girl some attention.

Paige (13 years old) was in a very bad boatingaccident and have amputated parts of her arm.
Erin is now trying to summon us cardmakers to send her a card. And that is what we do right? We make card because we want to send them to someone?

So this is my card to Paige.

Go visit Erins blog, and send a card to Paige yourself!

It did get a bit blury in the scanner. Sorry about that!


September 6, 2009

Saturday spothlight challengeblog

Saturday spotlaight challengeblog is a brand new challengeblog. First challenge comes saturday 3. October. New challenge every saturday after that.

This is a "spread the word candy" that they give. And it's a great candy!

Click on the image and check out this new challengeblog!


September 5, 2009

Simon Says Happy birthday Heidi

It is Heidis birthday! Thats great, I love birthdays. I don't really know who Heidi is, but I liked the challenge. Fill up her snail mail box whit cards.

Isn't that the reason why we make theese card - to mail them to someone. To put a smile on their face.

This weekend I am redecorating my kitchen, so when I took a break from that to make this card for Heidi, I thougth it woud be cool to give her a little piece of my kitchen. So this card is made with pieces of my new kitchen wallpaper ;o) It does not show wery vell in the picture though.

So, happy birthday again Heidi! I hope you now is able to wallpaper your office with greetingcards from all over the world!


September 3, 2009

Goth Christmas Card

This is maybe not at first glance a very nice christmascard, but I think it must be the coolest christmascard ever! There is so much metal on this card, that it will probably drive me into bankrupcy to pay for the poststamps.

I have sacrificed two sets of earrings on this card. My old scull earrings have come back to life.

I have used Scrapmagasinets Goth Christmas collection stamps wich is up for pre-order in their webshop right now. I did have a hard time in the beginning finding the christmas spirit with theese stamps, but I thought that if anyone could make a chritstmascard out of them it had to be me! I was never a gothgirl myself, but I you ask somebody who knew me at the time, they would problably disagree with me. Wearing black from head to toe and covered in metal, I was more a metalgirl, the goth style came a couple of years to late for me.

Anyway, here is my goth christmascard.

The front:

The back:


Look at theese cute little scull, all wraped up in the christmasdecoration. They are soo ready for christmas ;o)

The metal plates are also my old earrings.

My old scull-earrings ;o)

I did a lot of thinking while I made this card. Mostly i thougth about the spirit of christmas and this poor, ugly chirstmastree. And I came to think that if giving this ugly tree the chance to be a christmastree, is not the true spirit of christmas, then nothing is.


September 1, 2009

MMSC # 17

This card is for the MMSC # 17

It is also a card I have made for Scrapmagasinet , a Norwegian online scrapshop. The very cool Santa stamp is from their 2009 christmas collections wich is up for pre-order right now.

Inside I have used the cornerstamp from Stempelglede Grunge collection.


I am a winner!

Well ok, maybe not in all sense of the word, but I have won something! I never win anything so this was soo cool. The kids did not understand why I was so happy. "Did you win a drawing of a fish? "

I have won Big Bertha! She is a cutee with an attitude!

All I had to do was to come up with some smashing sentiments that could go with a girl like this.
I will also recive a card from sunshine were she have used my sentiment! I can't wait!

Go check out Sunshine Stamps blog and their really cool digi stamps!