September 3, 2009

Goth Christmas Card

This is maybe not at first glance a very nice christmascard, but I think it must be the coolest christmascard ever! There is so much metal on this card, that it will probably drive me into bankrupcy to pay for the poststamps.

I have sacrificed two sets of earrings on this card. My old scull earrings have come back to life.

I have used Scrapmagasinets Goth Christmas collection stamps wich is up for pre-order in their webshop right now. I did have a hard time in the beginning finding the christmas spirit with theese stamps, but I thought that if anyone could make a chritstmascard out of them it had to be me! I was never a gothgirl myself, but I you ask somebody who knew me at the time, they would problably disagree with me. Wearing black from head to toe and covered in metal, I was more a metalgirl, the goth style came a couple of years to late for me.

Anyway, here is my goth christmascard.

The front:

The back:


Look at theese cute little scull, all wraped up in the christmasdecoration. They are soo ready for christmas ;o)

The metal plates are also my old earrings.

My old scull-earrings ;o)

I did a lot of thinking while I made this card. Mostly i thougth about the spirit of christmas and this poor, ugly chirstmastree. And I came to think that if giving this ugly tree the chance to be a christmastree, is not the true spirit of christmas, then nothing is.



Lorraine A said...

This is gorgeous Gunn :-) I love this card and am sure my daughter Amy will too ,,, will show it to her later :-)

i have just tried to email you with Heidi's address,,and the email address I have didn't work can you email me so I can reply

Lols x x

Maria Matter said...

oh Gunn, this is just fabulous!!! great job!!

blessings, Maria