October 9, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize 2009 to President Barack Obama

I would like to gratulate President Barack Obama with the
Nobel Peace Prize for 2009!

(picture: The New York Times)

President Barack Obama has given signals towards diplomacy towards the muslim world, he wants to decrease the amount of nuclear wepons in the world and has reraised the Europeean faith towards USA. I hope that President Barack Obama will feel the pressure of reciving this important prize, and that he will work hard towards ending the wars in Irak and Afghanistan. We are looking forward to him visiting Oslo and Norway to recive the prize in december (I really hope he will have the time to come), and wich him the best of luck in his work for world peace!


October 8, 2009

MMSC # 22

A couple of years ago I got sick, and lost my job. So I have kind of stood on the outside of society for a long time. Beeing sick I have had no chance of getting a new job. This last year have been positive according to my health, and today I have got an internship at a library at a highschool. I will start working 50% and I will see if I can do more later on. This is so great news for me!

So I celebrated with this card for the MMSC #22. ;o)

I bougth this beautiful icy blue paper yesterday. I am not very fond of cold colors so this was a challenge in more than one way. Not much more to say about it. I have jet again used my favorit santa from Paper Inspirations.


Saturday Spotlight - Halloween - but not

I don't care much for Halloween. It's not a Norwegian tradition, even though it is comming more and more. Anyway, I don't really need Halloween cards, but I wanted to take part in the new challengblog.

I don't have any Halloween images, so when the ruels said to make a halloween card without halloween images, that one was easy ;o) The fun thing was that I have used images on this card that I have never used before. The checkerboard stamp used in the corners have been layin' araound in my drawers for 8-9 years I think - never used it. I bought the scull stamp 4 years ago because we planned a pirat birthdayparty for my stepson - but we changed the birthdayplans and the stamp ended at the bottom of the drawer.

The sentiment says "Knask eller knep" wich is the Norwgian translation of Trick or treat.


October 7, 2009

Mojo Monday 107

I have like a million christmascards to make this year, so I use every opportunity to make one. Challenges are nice opportunities ;o)

This card is for Mojo Monday 107

I did not steel anything for this card - I think.... The images are from Paper Inspiration. Thay have some truly beautiful santa stamps! I have used Glimmer mist on the black paper, giving it a nice shine.

And since I was in the mood for black and red I made some more christmascards.

This cute image is from Scrapmagasinet. I really like the grin on this little boys face. You can clearly see that he is up for something that santa maybe woun't be to happy about.

I do see that I have to invest in some other "God Jul" stamps. But ok, I'm not going to send all the cards to the same person, so noone will ever know that I only have this one - well noone except everyone who reads this blog.... dah!