November 17, 2009

Black and white, and a dash of red.

This is a very simple, but I think a very elegant card. I have taken my inspiration from Sarita over at Little Princess card. She makes the most beautiful cards, using damask patterns. My image here is a rub-on. Looks almost like a chandelair dosen't it?

I do belive that this card did not need color, but I wanted the little dash of red anyway.

I am going to lay down and rest my back for a while now. This morning when I got out of bed and ended up holding on to the wall screaming for help. My back just would not hold me up. So I guess that I should not sit here in front of the computer. But it is so boring laying down, watching TV. I want to make cards.... well well.

Have a nice evening!


1 comment:

cottagesweet said...

So sorry about your back. Hope it gets better. The card is beautiful and the pattern does look like a chandelier.