December 23, 2009

Merry christmas everyone!

I just wantet to tell you all something about how we celebrate christmas here in Norway.

We have adopted the american Santa Claus, we call him Nissen. But we also have other nisser.
To us, a nisse is a small man who lives on the farm. usually he lives in the stabels. He helps the farmer to take care of the animals.

He is about 50 cm tall, wears a black short trouser, a knitted sweather and a red top hat. All his clothes is made of wool.

He can be a bit naughty, but he means well. You know, when you come into the barn and there are things laying on the floor that should hang on the wall, things are moved around and you cant find it. Then your Nisse has been there doing some work. But you know, when things fall off the wall, and you are only 50 cm tall, it is not easy to hang it back up there!

But when the animals get sick, it is a big comfort too know that the Nisse will watch over them at nighttime.

So to thank him for all his help during the year, the farmer gives him his favorite food at christmas - rice porrige. He loves rice porrige! But if this is forgotten you will have a lot of problems the next year! You don't wan't to have your Nisse angry at you. He will do a lot of bad stuff to you, your farm, your family and your animals if you forget the rice porrige for him!

I read a survey today showing that of the 4 million people who lives in Norway. 350 000 people gives rice porrige to Nissen every year. Not only the ones who lives on farms, but also people who lives in flats in the cities. Maybe I have to do it to?

Here is a whole Nissefamily:

We celebrate the 24th. So today is called little christmaseve. This is the day before the day. In my home this means eating rice porrige and decorate the tree. We have to watch the day before the day show on tv and play some christmasmusic.

The 24th we start the day with cartoons on the tv, then we go to the graveyard and lights candles for thoose who is no longer with us.

After this the long wait begins. For some reason we torture the childrens the best we can on christmaseve. We eat dinner late, maybe at 6, and we sit at the table for a looooong time.

In my home we eat pinnekjøtt - direct translated to stickmeat. This is very salted, dried lamb ribcage. The meat has to lay in water for about 30 hours to water out the salt. And it is damped for about three hours. It sounds horrific, but it is fantastic!

When dinner is over - finally over it is time for presents! It is the longes day of the year for the kids. They wait, and they wait, and they wait.

We try to spend a long time opeing the presents to. One present at a time. It has to be opened, and then passed around to be admired and approved before we can open the next present. So opeing the presents can take a couple of hours. ;o)

When this is done - the dinner is a couple of hours away and there might be room in our stomacks for dessert. My favorite dessert at christmas is rice porrige wich has been mixed with wipped cream and cooled of. We eat this with strawberry jam.

At the 25th we are going to visit my mother in law for dinner.

The rest of the holidays we will just do as little as possible.

We are blessed with a white christmas this year. Usually it rains so we really do appriciate the snow at this time. They have promised us a blizzard tonight, but I hope they are wrong ;o)

I want to thank all my readers for all the nice comments you leave for me. I do appriciate it very much!

I wish you all a very merry christmas and a happy new year.


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Spyder said...

Love your story!!

A Very Merry Christmas to you and your Family!!