April 15, 2010

MMSC # 49

I am glad I don't have any plans for traveling these days. The whole of northen Europe is kind of closed down. Well, all airline traffic is closed down. I think Iceland is doing a insuransescam. They went bankcrupt so now they set the whole ting on fire to clam the insurancemoney! Either that or they are getting back on England - showing England that even though they are small, you don't mess with Iceland *LOL* England has blamed Iceland for the financial crisis and do demad that Iceland pay England a HUGE amount of money that Iceland of course don't have. I think this is Icelands respons to this claim - yeah sure, you go claim us for money, then we will blow a vulcano on you! HA!

We have not seen anything of this ashes here yet, but there is a bad smell outside - it is not supposed to be dangerous so all is well then I think ;o)

Over to the card.

Not the highpoint of my cardmaking career this. But sometimes you just have to have fun, right? I just could not make this right, but I soo wanted to use this cool tiger. Look at his face - he don't have any good intentions in mind do he? *LOL*

I found him at one of those free vector image sites. It was a challenge to make him fit to the jigsawpuzzel from the MMSC#49 sketch. Does tigers and jigsawpuzzels have anything in common? If they do please tell me!

I had quite a bit of struggel with those puzzelpieces tried them in many different colors and patterns, but I ended up with these made of a paper that looks like leather - the closest I could get to the animal world. But they were so boring. So I had to find somehting to break the bordom there.

I tried with some metal charms - but the only ones I had that could have fit was to "pretty". So I tried with a mulberry rose, and I tried with a metal flower, and I tried with a metalflower with a mulberry rose. That was a very cool combination but it was soooo wrong for this card.

I ended up with these grungeboardelements that I embossed. The star I embossed in gold, and the arrow with distress embossing - probably vintage photo.

I went even more animal with this snakeskinpaper that I layed as a background.

This is not a happy card. It is not even a nice card and I sure hope that I will never experience the day that this card will be appropriate to give to someone. But I do know someone who will se the humor. It is really the inside of this card that showes it's purpose.

It is not good to see, but it says:

They're coming to take you away HAHA!
They're coming to take you away HEHE
To the funny farm
where life is beautiful all the time.

It's from a song called They're coming to take me away HAHA! By
Dr. Demento's Delights

It says originally "They're coming to take me away, but I thought that I would for sure never send a card telling the world that I was going to the funny farm. So I had to change that. Sending off a card to someone else - well thats a different story isn't it *LOL* Kind of a nice warning to a good friend you know...
Hey, now you have gone so nuts that someone will come pick you up soon. Have a nice stay!

Thank you so much for stopping by today. I sure hope you a bit of fun while you were here!
Take care!


Priscilla said...

Hi Gunn, hey, I love your post today..first current events..Love that, and very cool picture too. Now to this wondeful card. I love it and I do see the humor in it. Your whole take on the sketch is just over the top fantastic with all your twists and added embellies. Just outstanding and I love the tigar. Thanks so much for sharing and playing with us.. maybe some day the Midnight Madness will add you to our funny farm LOL ;)
MMSC Hostess

Phyllis said...

Gunn, your card is AWESOME!! I love the colors and all the embellishments and that wonderful tiger!! You have done an outstanding job with this card!! You are a super creative card maker!! I am always amazed at the things you think of to make your cards so very unique and enchanting. The MMDesign Team thanks you for playing in our challenge this week.

Phyllis MMDesign Team

Carolyn said...

It is always so much fun to come over here and visit you. I love your take on the volcano incident, and wouldn't your card be most appropriate for the occasion between Iceland and England? How amusing. I think your take on this difficult sketch is great,and what an awesome tiger! Thanks for playing with us at the MMSC this week!

p.s. my cupcake icing was made with liquid applique, and I know what you mean about sticking with the paper cupcakes ;) Thanks for dropping by my blog. I love your visits!


Anonymous said...

love it i could send two, three someones right now L.O.L. they need a long rest !!kids you know. said mawdo

Linda Ledbetter said...

Gunn, your post is hilarious! There are days when it would be completely appropriate to send that card to ME!

As for you card, I suspect it's a case where you spent so much time on it you got tired of looking at it, and now that's it's finished you can't see how AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL it is!!! Seriously-- this is a GORGEOUS work of art, and you should be very proud of it.

I just saw the volcano story on the news, and I'm so glad you haven't gotten buried in ash.


Lovely Linda said...

Awww Gunn, you are so funny - I laughed when I read your post - I love that song and it just worked so well with your card! Great details....your cards are always 'amazing' to see! This would be suitable for any of the MMDT LOL! Love it! Thanks for playing along with us at the Midnight Madness sketch challenge this week, we love to see your cards and would love to see you again next week! (((Hugs))]
Linda MMSC Design Team

Carol said...

Gunn your card is extremely creative and totally fun. I can relate to this song and have recalled it to memory several times throughout my life!!! Your puzzle pieces look fantastic and I love that awesome tiger. Your creations are always unique, fun, and inspiring. Thanks for sharing that picture of the volcano...that is really something. Thank you so much for playing along with us this week at the Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge. It is simply a delight to visit and see your fabulous creation.

Bear Hugs,
Carol :o}
Midnight Madness Design Team

Holly said...

I happen to think your card is fascinating. Sometimes you have to think outside your comfort zone. I know if I had my way I'd put a butterfly on ALL my creations but that would bore even me after awhile....Great colors, images and sayings. And I for one, would love to receive a card such as this. The "Funny Farm" is exactly where I'm headed most days!

Guro said...

WOW dette var råkult Gunn, fantastisk satt sammen og så mange herlige detaljer!!! Sangen du refererer til passer perfekt til tigeren; og den er utrolig morsom :-D
Tror som Linda over her sier, at du har sett deg blind på kortet; for det er HERLIG!!!
Ha en super helg. Tenkte jeg skulle prøve meg på denne skissen selv; veldig morsom :-)
Klem Guro

Laura - Layers of Color said...

LOL! Thanks for the giggles this morning! I've enjoyed your post and your dynamic card. Love the choices in color and texture!

designsfromwithinbycharlotte said...

Hi Gunn, thanks for keeping us updated on the woes between the UK and Iceland!!! That smoke is really something isn't it but it does make a fabby photo! Your story is funny and I'm not sure who needs to be taken away after reading this ;) LOL
I love the tiger card with your puzzle pieces and the sentiment that fits it perfectly.
Love your creativity girl, you keep us on our toes!

Sarita said...

Love your view on the volcano chaos!
I love your card, that tiger sure means business! Fantastic embellishments as well,
Love Sarita xx

Renée said...

Stunning card and that song is so much fun. I remember it when it came out. Thanks for that happy thought.

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Oh how fun Gunn!! I just love all your embellies, texture and the image!! You are so creative!! The tiger is no one to full with for sure. Beautiful details and design. Thanks for joining us at Midnight Madness Sketch challenge this week!!

*mys * said...

Hei :) Dette kortet er bare helt utrolig fantastisk - såååå herlig en tiger =) Du er skikkelig dyktig - det har jeg sett på rubberstampsforumet også :) Ønsker deg velkommen som følger av bloggen min. Ble kjempeglad da jeg så deg der :) Gratulerer så masse som DT for MMSC - gleder meg til å se flere flotte kort fra deg:)
Klem, Inger

Wenche said...

Tiger på kort, ja ingen kan si at du ikke er kreativ. Plasseringen av tigeren er helt topp. Liker dette.
Når kommer den norske oversettelsen?
Klem Tante.