June 29, 2010

PDCC#35 It's summertime!

It has been way to long since I have played with The Play Date Cafe. I think colorchallenges are - well - challenging *LOL*

I was a bit worried about this - the turquois is a bit to bright for me, but I think this came togheter quite well.

I have used a free digi from Sugar Creek Hollow that I found on the CDAC forum.

I really like this beetile. It has a great summerfeel to it.

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Have a great day!

MMSC #60 Going to the movies

It is tuesday again and time for Midnight Madness Challenge!

Once again, it's "YOUR PICK" Make it fancy, clean and simple, or somewhere in-between. Remember to click on the sneak peek button on the side bar for the following weeks sketch each Friday.


Enter one style or both this week.

Just have fun and come play with us :)



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#8 Darlene

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#14 An
#50 Marsha Sanderlin
#58 Iris

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Not my favorite card this, but I have had some busy weeks and crafting has not been on the top of my prioritylist. This started out with the filmstrip, I wanted to make something out of that, so I found this image of an old car and thought that it was a nice fit. I added som text rub-ons and clock rub-ons to the DP. I cut out the car and put it onto a black paper with some embossed pattern - it looks kind of like a starry night dosn't it? So it became a symbioses of old Hollywood glamor, stars and movies.. or something like that *LOL*

Now run over to the MM blog and come play with us!

June 24, 2010

SNR Guest Designer May 2010

Did you know that I was asked to be guest designer for the Scrapbook News and Review Magazine in May? I was quite shocked to be asked - I did not even know that this magazine exisisted.... Oh well. It was fun to be asked!

Here is the cards I made for it:

A black and white weddingcard. I have used a digistamp from Sugar Creek Hollow. I printed this twice, cut out the centerheart of one and covered it with micropearls and poped it up on foamdots. Some feathers, some silver pearls some flowers and a fan. All paper is just plain black and white cardstock.

I used Priscillas very cool chandelier for this card. There is a lot goien on here. Laces, pearls, brads several differnt DP's, metalflowers, Primaflowers Mulberryroses. Mealcharms ribbons and a piece of my old jewelery ;o)

This last one has actully been on the homepage of SNR this last week. I really like this one. The image is a vintage photo I have printed from the internet. I just put it on several layers of different paper, some pattern some plain. Then I added the ribbon a metalplate and a big oval pearl. Some big white lace, a Zizzixswirl and some roses. Quite easy, but I like the look of this one.

I also made a tutorial on how to make the paperfan.

So this was my 15 minutes of fame! *LOL*

June 22, 2010

MMSC #59

June has been "fighting to be
Priscillas FAVORITE"-month over at Midnight Madness DT team. I think I got myself some really good FAV points with this card. Not only am I using Priscillas very cool Corsetdigi, but i have made it Purple -- witch of course is Priscillas favorit color.
You know, things where actually pretty straight forward when I join the team. Linda claimed to be
Priscillas FAV and the rest of the team said "Sure Linda" and then "yeah right" when she was sleeping. But that was just how things were, the order was kind of established. Then Pam came sailing in from the left and instantly went for the FAVposition.
It messed up the whole team. Linda and Pam
have been fighting over this for a month now.It has been very bad. Hairpulling and nailscratching. There has even been some poison involved... Very bad! But I decided it was time to join in. You know while the two of them fights over it, I will just quietly sneak up from behind and steal the FAVposition. You got to know how to play the game right? *LOL*
I hope you all understand that we have a lot of fun on this team! These girls are not just talented, they are a lot of fun too!

This beauty is one i got from my aunt Wenche

Lots of pearls ;o)

This beautiful purple flower is a silkflower that I got from my mum.

More pearls ;o)

So don't miss out on the FUN! Come join us over at Midnight Madness - let the madness begin!
Sponors this week is Stamp and create and out monthly sponsor is Katstamps

June 15, 2010

MMSC #58

It is tuesday again and time for Midnight Madness!
I was lucky enough to choose my own image this week and thought that it was time for me to ink up this faboulus rose I bought a while back. It's from Impression Obsession. I embossed it in black and colored it with watercolorpencils.
It has been a while since I used a butterfly for embellishment, so it was time to find them again.

Last week I tried to lie my pants of. I am not sure about how sucsessful I was but I thought that I might straigten things out.

Here is the "Facts"

1. I am married to Marcus (nope, we live togheter but have not gotten to the marrigething yet.)

2. I have 4 cats and a dog (nope, I sure would like to, but the three cats I have don't get along very well so it has to be enough)

3. I drive a 69' Corvette Sting Ray (red!) (Oh I wish so bad that this was the true one... but it's not. I drive a mossgreen Huyndai og Hyundai og how ever they spell that thing)

4. I live in Denmark, the capital of Sweden ( Oh I sure hope no one thought this one to be true.... )

5. I have an bachelordegree in literature (Well, this is how boring I am - this is true. The only thing I have to brag about is that I have read a lot of old books - and analyzed them yeah! Let's party!)

6. I drink a lot of coffe (nope - never understood the coffething - Pepsi Max on the other hand... yeah, I drink way to much of that)

7. I love pink and baby blue (I am not going to say anything about this one, you all should know me better than THIS!)

So that was the truth about me and my life. Not a lot to brag about eh? But you still love me right? I know you do ;o)

Now run over to Midnight Madness and get your craftingjuices going! Just look at these sketches:


Enter one style or both this week.

Just have fun and come play with us :)



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Holly Miller

Our Remarkables Awards this week go to...

Jane Snyder

Patricia Rose


Wenche WTE


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June 13, 2010

My boots were made for walking

Last night I was sitting here, wanting to make a card, but I just so badly needed some boots to be my image, and I did not have any boots-stamp. I searched the net, but could not find anyting good. So I left a request at Crafters Digital Art Centre and a couple of hours later I had exactely the image I was looking for. How great is that? I do like digis more and more.
Thise boots were made for me by Shelly over at Shelly's Images. Thank you so much Shelly! They are not in her store yet, but check back in a couple of days.

I gave them a background in photoshop, added some text back there. I colored the boots black with a very cool pen I bought a while back. It gives it the look of shiny leather. Not sure how good i shows on the pitcture.

Then it was all the usual. Some pearls, some flowers, a little bit of metal and som gems ;o)

Thank you so much for stopping by. If you leave me a comment I will be very happy ;o)

June 8, 2010

MMSC#57 and an award for me

It is tuesday again and time for some Midnight Madness. It is actually almost midnight here now while I write this post and I am so tired that I feel kind of mad. (they are comming to take me away haha).

More madness - it has truly been a mad weekend over at Crafters Digital Art Center. We have now over 500 members - and they all came during the weekend. That is so amazing! If you have not joined us yet I think you should!

Anyways - as always we have two sketches for you - CAS or Fancy - your choice. Do you have issues about choosing - then take a Winnie the Poo and go for them both ;o)

I have been playing with this beautiful goldfish from McMahon Five Designs this week. She is called Fancy fins and I thought she was so classy I painted her in gold an black. The gold looks a bit like mustard on the picture so you just have to belive me ;o)


Our MMSC56 Gold Star Award goes to...


Our Remarkables Awards this week go to...


Sue Drees

Holly Miller



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Stop by Sues shop for all your crafting needs. They sell wonderful wood papers too.

Thank you Sue for your Bonus Prize this week.



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Now run over to Midnight Madness and play along with us!

I have not gotten a lot of awards. That's ok, but I got one yesterday - and can you belive it - the rule following it is to LIE. ME? LIE? I am not a liar, everytime I try to fib something my upper lip starts twisting and shaking. No poker for me I tell ya!

Anyway - since this is in writing and Lovely Linda who gave me this award has thaugth that if I close my eyes while writing then noone can see it. So here we go. 7 "facts" about me - 6 lies and 1 true. Can you find the true one?

1. I am married to Marcus

2. I have 4 cats and a dog

3. I drive a 69' Corvette Sting Ray (red!)

4. I live in Denmark, the capital of Sweden

5. I have an bachelordegree in literature

6. I drink a lot of coffe

7. I love pink and baby blue

That was easy!


Cupcake Craft Challenge - Dazzel us (I have some gems)

Charisma Cardz Challenges - Flowers

Daring Cardmakers - Pearls

Stamp Something - Digi

June 6, 2010

Crafters Digital Art Center

Priscilla have done a great thing this weekend. She have started a ning-network for makers and lovers of digistamps! The "grand opening" was friday and the site now have almost 400 members. A lot of fantastic digimakers are offering free digis and the challenges have already started. Everybody can join. Please come and play with us at Crafters Digital Art Center.

I made this card with one of the free digis on offer. This one is from Shellys images. I am not really a shoe person. After struggeling my whole life getting lots of blisters - even from shoes I had worn for years - shoes just not on top of my favoriteslists. Now I have destroyed my feet wearing Crocks, I know can only wear MBT shoes.... They are antyhing but sexy, anything but feminine and looks nothing like these babys.

I did some work on the image in photoshop. Gave it a background and a I just could not resist adding this button saying "Go naked". If I had the feet - and the body to wear these shoes, I would go naked!

I also used the image on the inside. That's the fun about digs - you can resize it and alter it all you want. The inside sentiment says "Have a nice birthday".

Drunken Stampers - Birthday card
Stamp Something - Digi
Create 4 fun Challenge - Black, white and ? I used gold

June 3, 2010

90 cards for Janeys nan

Janey Pyes nan is celebrating her 90th birthday at the end of the month and Janey has started a Facebookgroup to try to get 90 cards for her. I think that is a great idea. How fun would that be for her nan. I was told that nan liked pink, but I was not in a pink mode - I am never in a pink mode *LOL* Please look for Janey on facebook or ask me. Come on and join in for this. Make a woman of respecable age happy!

I have used a digi butterfly from Priscillastyles. She makes some great digis and you can find them here.

I took some inspiration from Jorunn and added lots of flowers. I have not really used a lot of flowers lately, so I needed to let the steam out *LOL*

Lots of pearls of course due to the shipment I recived yesterday ;o)


Cupcake Craft Challenges - Summer delight
Gingersnap Creations - Wings

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a nice day!

Vintage time

Look what came in the mail for me yesterday!

Look at all these pearls! There are about 10 000 of them and they are tinytiny (3mm). I have been wanting this box for a while now, but I though it was quite expencive. But no it was on sale and my aunt Wenche was so kind to buy it for me since I could not get to the store myself.
In the other box there are pearls in the same colors but they are bigger (8mm).

So it might be understandable that this card does have some pearls on it *LOL*

It is for the Drunken Stampers challenge witch is to use vintage and time. My images is a painting cut out of an artbook. It's painted by a guy named Tsuguharu Foujita (I have no idea how to pronounce that so I am happy this is all in writing) and it is called "Quai aux Fleurs ved Notre-Dame". It is a painting of a hotel called "Hotel des DEUXLIONS". I have never heard about the painter nor the hotel, but the painting looks good. And it looks even better on this card *LOL*

So that covers the vintage part I think. Myy DP is from TCP studions and is called "Ancestral Pocket Watch Brocade". Thats cool? It did have a vage image of an old pocket watch, but it did disappear a bit so used a rubon Pocket Watch also. The "moment" sentiment is also a rubon.

It is beautiful summer weather outside. I guess I must take advantage of it while it is here. It feels wrong to spend the day indoors when the sun is shining.

Have a very nice day!

June 1, 2010

MMSC # 56 and the Priscilla Award Winner!

So, do you all have some sore feet after this long week on the red carpet? I know I do! I don't usually wear high heels. And if I do I will only last 5 minutes.

Thank you all so much for joining us and for your votes! Well thank you to the ones who votet for me! The rest of you can go somewere else to play! *LOL*

It has been a very, fun week!

But it is tusday again and that means that we are starting all over again. New sketch, new challenge, honor and glory to win - and some prizes for the lucky ones ;o)

It is your pick as always!


Enter one style or both this week.

Just have fun and come play with us :)



The Yearly "Priscilla Award" goes to...

Karen Lynn

Our MMSC55 Gold Star Award goes to...

#52 Holly Miller

Our Remarkables Awards this week go to...

#8 Judi Rose
#24 Christina C
#25 Gry-Beate
#32 Teri Sherman

The MM Design team have got two new members today.

Please help us welcome

Pam Lawver and Brenda Kluge!

We are so happy to have them join us!

*Our MMSC56 weekly Bonus sponsor is.....

Michelle's Scrapbooking

They are the manufacturer and sole distributor of The Pixie Cottage Stamps.

Bonus prize is three NEW stamps from featured artists ArTish and Sandra Hammer

Michelle has a great store, so you must stop in to see all that she offers.

Thanks so much Michelle :)


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Thank you Kat for your awesome prize package this month..WOW!! KAT is has two blog hops each week

Monday and Tuesday and this coming Wednesday is their new release day.

So, hop on over and check out all that is going on over their :)


I got this adorable little Princess from Michelle's scrapbooking. She was just screaming for something pink and glittery. But I have been attenting Parent Management Classes so I know all about how to deal with screamy children. Now way if she was going to get the pink! We made a compromise about the glitter though.

You know how parents usually have a goal for their children. They want them to be sweet and polite. Do well in school and get a good job. I guess this is why I only have step-children. You see I want a goth-girl! I want a girl with green hair and black dresses.
One that wears lots of metal and have her ears pierced with safetypins! Hmm, come to think about it - except from the green hair - this was me a few years back! *LOL*

Thank you so much for stopping by! Now run over to Midnight Madness and come play with us!

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