December 31, 2010

My favorites from 2010 and some Thank you's!

It is New Years eve tomorrow and another year is comming to an end.

Time flys - I am getting older, duller, greyer and wider....Oh well...

2010 has been quite an exciting year for me when it comes to crafting. If someone had told me New years eve 2009 what 2010 would bring me I would have laughed long and hard.

It started when I won a challenge over at Simon Says and was asked to be Designer spotlight there for 4 weeks. That did beat my wildest imaginations - me a Guest Designer for Simon Says? 
But then I started to get some hints from the Midnight Madness Design Team. They were having Guest DT calls and wanted me to apply. You have got to understand that the girls over at Midnight Madness was some kind of Godesess to me at this time. I had just resently taken the courage to go comment on their cards. They were so waaaay out of my league that I honestly did not think they would appriciate comments from me. But they made me send in an application and my
 biggest crafting dream came true.  I became a Guest Designer for the Midnight Madness Design Team. I was walking on air for weeks!
Then I was asked to be Guest Designer for the Scrapbook and Review Magazine. At the time I did not even know what the SNR magazine was. I have learnt soooo much this year!
I was then asked to be Designer for Priscillastyles Design Team. I got to be part of the very first Priscillastyles Design team and to see the beginning of the Priscillastyles digi line go from babystep try-out to a rocket take off! You have had quite a year too Priscilla and I am so happy for you!
And finally Tracy at Sugar Creek Hollow asked me to be Designer also for her. To me Tracy has been the ultimate Queen of vintage design and I did not even dream of being on her team, imagine the honor I felt when she wanted me. 

WOW.... I really did not see any of this comming when I sat here making my dreadful Happy New Years card on new years eve 2009. 

I would like to take a little time to say a special Thank you to Priscilla and the Midnight Madness Design Team
Without you girls I probably would have stopped blogging pretty soon and maybe even stopped crafting also. There is a world full of challenges out there - and a world full of uninspired and uninspiering comments. When you enter a challenge and your get 1 comment saying "Great card", well it does not give me a lot. This is were the Midnight Madness Design Team is unique.
When I, a newbie crafter, entered the Midnight Madness challenge, I got lots of comments. These girls recognized details in my card or details in what I had written in my post. 
If not for them - I would not have kept on blogging.
One of the new friends I have made during this year is Linda Ledbetter of Studio L3
She says "I did not know how much a comment ment to a blogger - until I started blogging." 
She could not be more spot on. 
So I give a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to the fantastic 
I am so proud to be one of you and to call you my friends!
I am really looking forward to start a new year of fabolous sketches and spreading love all over blogville - I have learnt to write comments from the very best!

Life has got a few things up it sleeve for me in the near future, so I sadly have had to step down both from the Priscillastyles Design Team and Sugar Creek Hollow Design Team. 
This was very difficult for me to do, but sometimes you just have to make priorities.
I really loved being on both teams and working with those fantastic images. 
Thank you to both Priscilla and Tracy for giving me the opportunity to be on your teams.

During the year I have also recived some amazing gifts.
The Lovely Linda sent me a great RAK, containig a full stampset, lots of stamped images, doilies and laces. She noticed that I liked a stamp that her mother had used, and then she went and bought it for me. No-one has ever done such a thing for me before. Thank you so much for that Linda!

I have also recived some RAK's from both my mother and my Aunt Wenche. I can't even begin to tell you how much stuff they have given me trough this year - they are amazing!
They are my biggest sponsores and I would not be able to craft without them. 
Thank you!

I also got a surprice late birthday gift from Laura - totally unexpected. I really love Layers of Colors stamps so to recive 4 stamp-sets for my birthday - I was in heaven!
Thank you Laura!

But the RAK I got from Tracy beats everything
I thought she was kidding me when she sent me an e-mail telling me that she would send me her old Cuttlebug - but she was not kidding. I got her Cuttlebug and several embossingfolders and some spellbinders - WOW
I can never thank you enough for this Tracy!

What an amazing year this has been!
Thank you all who read my blog and give me comments - you have all been such a big part of making 2010 such a great year for me. 
I hope 2011 has more fabolous things in stall not only for me, but for all of you also!

Enough chatter. Here are some of my favorite creations from 2010.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Happy New Year!

December 30, 2010

Blog Award

I got this Award from the lovely Maxine! One of the things I really love about blogging is to meet and get to know people all over the world. Maxine is from New Zealand - that is about as far away from Norway that you might possibly come - but still I got to call Maxine one of my friends in a can. 
Thank you for beeing you Maxine - you brighten up my days!

So I have to share 8 things about myself...... lets see...

1. I was once called a great acting talent by one of the biggest theatre directors in Norway. 
2. I did apply for acting school but failed ;o)
3. I have been sensored out from Google street view - I met the Street view car twice but they have taken new photos.... not sure what that says about me.
4. I live togheter with Marcus, the amazing man who thinks that I am the best thing ever happen to him. 
5. I am a stepmother to two amazing people (can't really call them children anymore) Helene is turing 18 in just a few months and Sebastian just turned 13. The acceptance they have given me is way beyond what you can ever expect. They are fantastic and I love them both very much!
6. I work part time at a library and I love it! 
7. I did not ever think that I would own a pet, but now I have 3 cats and I am totally addicted to the love they give me. What amazing creaturs they are. They give me so much love and laughter.
8. I have been an extra in a music video. You can see the video here but you wont see me - I was sensored out as usual *LOL* But I was there!

So I have to pass this award off to 8 people:

The rules for receiving this award are:
Thank and link back to the person who sent this to you. 
Share 8 things about yourself
Pass this award on to 8 bloggers
Contact those bloggers and tell them you sent them this award.
Thank you for stopping by!

December 28, 2010

New MMSC Design Team announcement

Are you all ready for a new year of Midnight Madness Sketches? 
Our Design Team has gone through some tough changes - some loved team-members has left us and they will be missed!
But new talent has come sailing by and we are looking forward to be inspired by them all. 

So lets meet the new MMSC Design Team:

Some familiar faces: 

PRISCILLA (blog owner)  *  CHARLOTTE (Senior DT)

DARSIE (Senior DT)  *  DENISE (Senior DT)

GUNN (Senior DT) - I am not sure if this made me feel proud or just old *LOL*

LINDA (Senior DT)  *  PHYLLIS (Voting coordinator)



JEN (Sponsoring Coordinator)

Welcome to all the  newcomers! 
Midnight Madness will be back january the 4th with a new sketch - be sure to stop by us then and come play with us!

December 18, 2010

Sensational Saturday with Sugar Creek Hollow

It is saturday again and the Sugar Creek Hollow Design Team has worked hard to give you that last inspiration for those christmascards - or decorations.
My card today is very inspired by one of Tim Holtz christmastags. I love the tag so much and decided that I could use the design also to make a beautiful card!
I used the Joy to the world image.And I think it looks really good surrounded by all that gold and glimmer.

This is my last card as a DT member for Sugar Creek Hollow. I have loved my time on this team and are thankful for the opportunity to work with so many talented people and with such great images! Thank you Tracy!
 I wish all my readers and especially my DT sisters a Very Merry Christmas - and a Fabolous new crafting year!

Now go and check out what my DT sisters have made and come play with us!

December 13, 2010

Happy birthday Sebastian!

Happy Birthday Sebastian!
My stepson turns 13 today and is finally a teenager!
He loves green and he loves music and he has been very excited about beein a teenager, so this was a quick and easy card.
I wish you the best day ever and I love you very much!!

December 12, 2010

12 tags of christmas #12

I must admit that I did not fall in love with his tag today, so I was kind of pleased to make my own.
My stepson is turning 13 tomorrow, so I took the opportunity to make my 12 tag a birthday tag for him.

Thanks for following me through these 12 tags, your comments and encouragement means a lot to me!

December 11, 2010

12 tags of christmas #11

Hi again. It is day 11 of Tim Holtz 12 tags of christmas. 
My tag today took a different direction than Tim's. I fell in love with the dark blue color and could not combine it with a boring green tree. This color was screaming for bling!

I took a pieace of DP with writings on - no idea where it is from. I stamped some snowflakes with Versamark and embossed it with white embossingpower. In the center I colored with Broken China Distress ink and around the egdes I have used Chipped Sapphire.
I added a piece of lace and then some metal. I coverd the center of my medalion with some stickles and added a big gemstone. and then a little bow underneath. My reindeer is from Layers of Colors - the Reindeer Waltz set - I LOVE this set! Colored in black and then given a coat of black stickles.

Some metal stars and a little black heart on a string of metalpearls and Voila!

I really like this one - simple but dreamingly sparkeling ;o)

Thanks for stopping by!

Sensational Saturday with Sugar Creek Hollow

Welcome to another Sensational Saturday with Sugar Creek Hollow!
This weeks challenge is to make a card in red and white.
I actually think that that is a difficult colorcombo - I miss the black in it. It does not get enough contrast in my eyes - so this was a hard one to make for me. 
I decided to use the Belive sentiment and use it as the focalpoint of my card. The rest is just plain red and white cardstock. added some glitter, a ribbon, some lace, a bow and some pearls - and voila!

Now check out what my talented DT sisters have made and come play with us!


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December 10, 2010

12 tags of christmas #10

His tag today is very cool, but I needed to go in a different direction on this special day - all though I have used one of his ideas. If I find the time, I might go back and try to do something similar to his.

Today the Nobel Peace Prize was supposed to be delivered to Liu Xiaobo in Oslo - but the cermony was held without him. He is in prison in China - serving an 11 year sentece. 
Liu Xiaobo is a non-violent fighter for Democracy, freedom of speach and human rights in China - He fights with words and with love. 
For this he pays with 11 years of 
isolation in a prison.
China did not respond very well to this prize. Liu Xiaobo's wife was imidiatly placed in house arrest and no access to internet. Today the Chineese government has blocked the access to CNN, BBC and NRK internet sites and TV-channels to prevent the Chineese people to see the ceremony from Norway.

So todays tag is dedicated to Liu Xiaobo. The background is handwriting - symbolizing his words. Over them I have stamped some Chineese letters (Well I hope they are chinese, and I hope they say what I think they do) - Love, Fortune and Friend - symbolizing Liu Xiaobo's visions for his country and for his approch to the fight he is taking - to fight violence with Love.
I did sandpaper it to make it a little blury and then I covered it all with Frosted Lace stickles - making it even more blury - symbolizing the struggle this fight is in a country with stright sensorship.

Above I have of course a peace dowe places on a silver moon topped by a big diamond- symbolizing the hope for Chinas future and recognition of the prize he now is awarded.

I also cut out his name.

Over it all I have used Tims idea of an embossed sheet of acetate. I embossed it with a snowflake embossingfolder and like Tim says it looks like a coat of ice - this symbolizes the freezing relationship now excisting between Norway and China as a direct result of this years Peace Prize

The red hearts symbolizes the love he is expressing, and the red pearls symbolizing the blood that has been sheeded through the fight for human rights in China.

I think this is one of the most importent prizes ever rewarded - the world really have to open their eyes to the misuse of the human rights in China. 
I hoped we would see some more engagement when China hosted the Olympic games, but somehow the world chickend out! I hope this will not happen with the Olympic Games in Rio. 
Congratulations to Liu Xiaobo! I hope this will not make your life even harder - I know it has effected your wife badly and I am very sorry for that!
Your empty chair at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony was a strong and ugly reminder of the kind of government your country suffers under! I hope that getting the eyes of the world upon them the chineese government will crumble and break down, realizing that they have to respect their people!

I guess that I now never can apply for a visum to visit China and my blog will probably be sensored in China now.
Oh well - it is a small price to pay!

Thank you for stopping by today - I hope you will take a minute to think about Liu Xiaobo and all his fellow 
freedom-fighters in China and the rest of the world!

December 9, 2010

12 tags of christmas #9

Tim Holtz 12 tags of christmas has hit day 9... wow time flies!
Todays tag is so far my absolute favorite! I really loved this one - the golden colors is so beautiful! And the fun thing about this tag is that you really don't need any of Tim's toys to make it! It looks neat when Tim drags out his dies to make the rosette, but you can easily make it on your own! 

I loved this tag so much that I actually made 5 of it!

I really have to go to bed, so no details today.

Sleep tight!

December 8, 2010

Happy birthday Marcus

I made this card for Marcus who had his 
birthday monday 6th december.
He really likes history and old maps so then I just went with it.

12 tags of christmas #8

I have had the day off and really enjoyed making this tag.

Todays technique was to use masking. I do actually have some of Tim Holtz masks - but I have the barb wire and did not manage to fit that into a holiday theme. I could of course go for a goth holiday, but was not in the mood.

I don't know were this gorgeous sleigh comes from, but my reindeer of course is from Layers of Colors. I love, love, love the Reindeer Waltz set! I stamped the sleigh twice. I colored on of them with Fired Brick Distress ink and cut it out. Then I stampd some music over it and embossed it with clear embossingpowder. The reindeer was stamped, colored, cut out and embossed with clear embossing powder too.
I colored the bg of the tag with Broken china, vintage photo and walnut stain then I sprayed some glimmer mist over it and stamped the flourish with vintage photo.
The corners are also from Layers of Colors - the Touch of Elegance set. Thank you so very, very much Laura! 
I stamped it in both corners and embossed with a black/silver embossing mix.

My houses are handdrawn and cut out. I colored them with a green pen and then embossed them with pine needle distress embossing and then gave it a coat of clear embossing on top. Cut and bend some wire for smoke.

I did not have a metal timepiece so I cut out this one from the Lost and found paper stack.

Thanks for stopping by!

December 7, 2010

12 tags of christmas #7

Tim Holtz' 12 tags of christmas rolls on and here is my 7th tag.

I made my poinsetta with and old curtain that I colored with distress ink Barn Door and Aged Mahogany. And than I sprayed some glimmermist over. I glued the cloth onto some gold foil and cut out petals by hand. I did the same thing with the leafs just a different color of course ;o)

I embossed the tag with the Notesheet embossing folder and colored it with Walnut stain and Vintage photo and then covered it with Frosted Lace stickles.
My swirls is some that I got from my aunt Wenche - they are Sizzix. I embossed them with a silver and black embossing mix. 
I could not fit the whole word "joyful" so I hade to stop at "joy". I could not color the letters so I just covered them with distress stickles.

Thanks for stopping by!

December 6, 2010

12 tags of christmas #6

Tim Holtz 12 tags of christmas is rolling along. I am pretty satisfied that I am still following him.

For todays tag I stamped the trees and then embossed them with Distress Embossing - Peeled Paint and Vintage Photo for the stems. then I stamped the flourish with Vintage photo. I used Broken China for the centre of the tag and on the reindeer, then some Bundeled Sage, some Vintage Photo and some Walnut stain.
I stamped some dots and spots with Versamark and then embossed it with Gold embossing powder.
My reindeer is from Layers of Colors the Reindeer Waltz set - Thank you so very, very much for this Laura - you have no idea of how much I love this set! 

Then I added a homemade wreath, a bow, some music, some charms and the little "God Jul"-tag.

Thanks for stopping by!

December 5, 2010

12 tags of christmas #5

and here is my 5th tag.
I actually stayed pretty close to Tim's design and almost used his techniques *LOL* It is not easy when you don't have the stuff he uses, but it does force you to be creative - and that is the fun of this.

I must say that I really did not think I would find the time to make this one today - so I am pretty amazed with myself.
I slept in today  - did not get out of bed until 11 AM ;o) Then I made 22 christmascards - converyerbeltstyle, but still - 22. Then I made a card for Marcus who's birthday is tomorrow. And of course I have made dinner and cinamonbuns and cocoa and then I drove Helene to her mothers. I really did not think I would make it to the tag - but I did - I am really proud of my self I tell you! LOL

Here is the details of the tag:
I printed the image of the santa - I found this over at Digital 2 for Tuesday - isn't he the best!? Love this Santa image! Then I traced around the tag and glued the image to it.
I do not have a paint dabber so I embossed the egdes of the tag with white embossing powder, and then sponged red color over the tag - avoiding the pretty face of Santa.
I stamped some small leafs and added green glitterglue to them and then some dots of red glitterglue in between.
Stamped the "Gledelig Jul" at the bottom and added some white acrylic paint to Santas hat. The beard I gave some Stickles - Frosted Lace.
I just cut out a pattern by hand and painted it with green acrylic paint and added the music to it. The numbers is just some stickers that I painted with white acrylic paint and added some small pearls. We celebrate the 24th and not the 25th so I of course used 4 insted of 5. I did not have room in my tag for the metal flower so I left that one out.  Added some charms and pearls to a metal wire and like the lovely Phyllis would say - VOILA - a tag!

Thanks for stopping by! - I really have to go to bed now!
Btw. Want to see my christmascards?

Take  care!

December 4, 2010

12 tags of christmas #4

It is day four of Tim Holtz 12 tags of christmas. His tag today was a gorgeous blue tag with a lovely santa on. Min on the other hand turned out to be a light, lovely summertag with butterflies on *LOL* Probably a christmastag fitting for the southern hemisphere ;o)

I used a piece of paper from Webster Pages called Lullaby Lane that I sponged all over with Distress ink Chrushed Olive. 
I did not have a facet so that part of the tag I could not do, so I used this lovely cameolady that I got from my mum for my birthday. 
Then I just glued on some lace and pearls and gems and of course a lovely butterfly. Instead of a ticket I used this little clock from Graphics 45.

This tag makes quite a contrast to what is actually happening outside my door tonight.

That is my livingroom window you see there - almost hidden in all the snow. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Sensational Saturday with Sugar Creek Hollow

Welcome to another Sensational Saturday with Sugar Creek Hollow.
This week we have a sketch to play with.

I have used the Santa Tag and the Belive Sentiment
My gorgeous DP is from a Swedish company called Maja Design.
I chagned the color of the Santa tag before I printed it and then I added some Platinum stickles to it - I did the same thing to the beautiful pattern on the Belive sentiment.

Now run over to the Sugar Creek Hollow DT blog. See the awsome creations my DT sisters have made and come play with us! 
The two images I have used today are both freebies - ready to be downloaded and perfect for this sketch!

Thanks for stopping by!


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December 3, 2010

12 tags of christmas #3

It is day three of Tim Holtz 12 tags of christmas. Todays tag was a fun one!

I started by stamping my Marble background stamp with Versamark around the egdes and then emboss it with white embossingpowder. Then I sponged the tag with Bundeled Sage distress ink and then some Vintage photo around the egde.
I stamped some leafs on a branch with black Memories. The paper flower I got in a FABOLOUS RAK from Tracy, so I did not have to make it ;o) Thank you Tracy!
The bird is from Sugar Creek Hollow called Eastern Blubird I stamped my borrowed music note stamp over it ( Thank you Aunt Wenche!) and then colored the bird with Fired Brick Distress Ink. Then I covered the whole thing with Crystal Stickles.

I cut a little piece of music sheet from the Tim Holtz Lost and Found paperstack, added a red bow and a pin with a green head on. And then I had a little pice of lace and stuff at the bottom.
I did not have any moss for the bird to sit on, but I had some green fabrick that I crumbeled togheter.
Thank you so much for stopping by!