December 10, 2010

12 tags of christmas #10

His tag today is very cool, but I needed to go in a different direction on this special day - all though I have used one of his ideas. If I find the time, I might go back and try to do something similar to his.

Today the Nobel Peace Prize was supposed to be delivered to Liu Xiaobo in Oslo - but the cermony was held without him. He is in prison in China - serving an 11 year sentece. 
Liu Xiaobo is a non-violent fighter for Democracy, freedom of speach and human rights in China - He fights with words and with love. 
For this he pays with 11 years of 
isolation in a prison.
China did not respond very well to this prize. Liu Xiaobo's wife was imidiatly placed in house arrest and no access to internet. Today the Chineese government has blocked the access to CNN, BBC and NRK internet sites and TV-channels to prevent the Chineese people to see the ceremony from Norway.

So todays tag is dedicated to Liu Xiaobo. The background is handwriting - symbolizing his words. Over them I have stamped some Chineese letters (Well I hope they are chinese, and I hope they say what I think they do) - Love, Fortune and Friend - symbolizing Liu Xiaobo's visions for his country and for his approch to the fight he is taking - to fight violence with Love.
I did sandpaper it to make it a little blury and then I covered it all with Frosted Lace stickles - making it even more blury - symbolizing the struggle this fight is in a country with stright sensorship.

Above I have of course a peace dowe places on a silver moon topped by a big diamond- symbolizing the hope for Chinas future and recognition of the prize he now is awarded.

I also cut out his name.

Over it all I have used Tims idea of an embossed sheet of acetate. I embossed it with a snowflake embossingfolder and like Tim says it looks like a coat of ice - this symbolizes the freezing relationship now excisting between Norway and China as a direct result of this years Peace Prize

The red hearts symbolizes the love he is expressing, and the red pearls symbolizing the blood that has been sheeded through the fight for human rights in China.

I think this is one of the most importent prizes ever rewarded - the world really have to open their eyes to the misuse of the human rights in China. 
I hoped we would see some more engagement when China hosted the Olympic games, but somehow the world chickend out! I hope this will not happen with the Olympic Games in Rio. 
Congratulations to Liu Xiaobo! I hope this will not make your life even harder - I know it has effected your wife badly and I am very sorry for that!
Your empty chair at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony was a strong and ugly reminder of the kind of government your country suffers under! I hope that getting the eyes of the world upon them the chineese government will crumble and break down, realizing that they have to respect their people!

I guess that I now never can apply for a visum to visit China and my blog will probably be sensored in China now.
Oh well - it is a small price to pay!

Thank you for stopping by today - I hope you will take a minute to think about Liu Xiaobo and all his fellow 
freedom-fighters in China and the rest of the world!


Laura - Layers of Color said...

What a sad circumstance. I'm grateful that we've come so far as a nation, and yet there seems to be so little we're doing to help others sometimes.

A fine tribute, Gunn! Beautifully made and thought out!

Lovely Linda said...

Gunn - what a wonderful tribute and such a passionate post! It is deeply moving to hear of this story snd the price people pay fighting for freedom. Sadly this man is not alone in his plight, but thankfully his story is heard due to his position!! Your post causes his voice and Cause to be carried further - what an amazing girl you are!
I love your tag - it is very special - and that embossed acetate - amazing! Thanks for sharing Gunn and inspiring on so many levels! {{{hugs}}}

El Fantastico said...

Your tag is wonderful, but your words is more importan.

MaxineD said...

Thank you for your passionate and important post - your tag is amazing and truly dedicated to an amazing man.