December 31, 2010

My favorites from 2010 and some Thank you's!

It is New Years eve tomorrow and another year is comming to an end.

Time flys - I am getting older, duller, greyer and wider....Oh well...

2010 has been quite an exciting year for me when it comes to crafting. If someone had told me New years eve 2009 what 2010 would bring me I would have laughed long and hard.

It started when I won a challenge over at Simon Says and was asked to be Designer spotlight there for 4 weeks. That did beat my wildest imaginations - me a Guest Designer for Simon Says? 
But then I started to get some hints from the Midnight Madness Design Team. They were having Guest DT calls and wanted me to apply. You have got to understand that the girls over at Midnight Madness was some kind of Godesess to me at this time. I had just resently taken the courage to go comment on their cards. They were so waaaay out of my league that I honestly did not think they would appriciate comments from me. But they made me send in an application and my
 biggest crafting dream came true.  I became a Guest Designer for the Midnight Madness Design Team. I was walking on air for weeks!
Then I was asked to be Guest Designer for the Scrapbook and Review Magazine. At the time I did not even know what the SNR magazine was. I have learnt soooo much this year!
I was then asked to be Designer for Priscillastyles Design Team. I got to be part of the very first Priscillastyles Design team and to see the beginning of the Priscillastyles digi line go from babystep try-out to a rocket take off! You have had quite a year too Priscilla and I am so happy for you!
And finally Tracy at Sugar Creek Hollow asked me to be Designer also for her. To me Tracy has been the ultimate Queen of vintage design and I did not even dream of being on her team, imagine the honor I felt when she wanted me. 

WOW.... I really did not see any of this comming when I sat here making my dreadful Happy New Years card on new years eve 2009. 

I would like to take a little time to say a special Thank you to Priscilla and the Midnight Madness Design Team
Without you girls I probably would have stopped blogging pretty soon and maybe even stopped crafting also. There is a world full of challenges out there - and a world full of uninspired and uninspiering comments. When you enter a challenge and your get 1 comment saying "Great card", well it does not give me a lot. This is were the Midnight Madness Design Team is unique.
When I, a newbie crafter, entered the Midnight Madness challenge, I got lots of comments. These girls recognized details in my card or details in what I had written in my post. 
If not for them - I would not have kept on blogging.
One of the new friends I have made during this year is Linda Ledbetter of Studio L3
She says "I did not know how much a comment ment to a blogger - until I started blogging." 
She could not be more spot on. 
So I give a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to the fantastic 
I am so proud to be one of you and to call you my friends!
I am really looking forward to start a new year of fabolous sketches and spreading love all over blogville - I have learnt to write comments from the very best!

Life has got a few things up it sleeve for me in the near future, so I sadly have had to step down both from the Priscillastyles Design Team and Sugar Creek Hollow Design Team. 
This was very difficult for me to do, but sometimes you just have to make priorities.
I really loved being on both teams and working with those fantastic images. 
Thank you to both Priscilla and Tracy for giving me the opportunity to be on your teams.

During the year I have also recived some amazing gifts.
The Lovely Linda sent me a great RAK, containig a full stampset, lots of stamped images, doilies and laces. She noticed that I liked a stamp that her mother had used, and then she went and bought it for me. No-one has ever done such a thing for me before. Thank you so much for that Linda!

I have also recived some RAK's from both my mother and my Aunt Wenche. I can't even begin to tell you how much stuff they have given me trough this year - they are amazing!
They are my biggest sponsores and I would not be able to craft without them. 
Thank you!

I also got a surprice late birthday gift from Laura - totally unexpected. I really love Layers of Colors stamps so to recive 4 stamp-sets for my birthday - I was in heaven!
Thank you Laura!

But the RAK I got from Tracy beats everything
I thought she was kidding me when she sent me an e-mail telling me that she would send me her old Cuttlebug - but she was not kidding. I got her Cuttlebug and several embossingfolders and some spellbinders - WOW
I can never thank you enough for this Tracy!

What an amazing year this has been!
Thank you all who read my blog and give me comments - you have all been such a big part of making 2010 such a great year for me. 
I hope 2011 has more fabolous things in stall not only for me, but for all of you also!

Enough chatter. Here are some of my favorite creations from 2010.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Happy New Year!


Lovely Linda said...

Wow Gunn - I have to smile when I read your post - I am very touched by your comments and thank you for beng such an amazing person! You inspire me daily my friend, I have loved watching you evolve, while at the same time you make me want to be better. Your vintage style is to 'die for' (not literally!! LOL)it is always filled with such warmth and embellished to perfection! Thank you Gunn for being such a vital part of Blogville - I love knowing you have visited my Blog - and your photo - it always makes me smile - everytime I see it! God bless you Gunn - I pray this year will be FABULOUS - I {{{heart}}} you my friend! {{{hugs}}}

Summite said...

Congrat your favorite creations are simply gorgeous. They are so classy and stylish. I love them all but the the first and the 10 are my favorite of all..... Have a Happy New Year to you and your family. I'm anxious to see your creations for 2011.

Diana Queen said...

Hi Gunn! I loved reading your thankful and gracious post. I'm so happy to read about so many wonderful things that happened for you in 2010.

Your cards are incredible and you deserve the lovely recognition you have received!!!! Hugs! Diana Q

Jennie said...

Beautiful post Gunn!!! So many wonderful opportunities and your work is so beautiful and inspiring it is not a surprise at all. May you have a wonderful start to 2011! Blessings to you....

MaxineD said...

Hi Gunn, I count it a privilege to have got to know you over this past year. I have always admired your cards, and I particularly like cards 3,5,6,&7.
Keep up the incredible work, and I love it when you 'visit' my blog too.

marsha said...

Gunn, what a heartfelt and touching post! You have had so many wonderful opportunities and have made so many new friends. How sweet that your mom and aunt are your biggest supporters! Wishing you a Happy New Year and looking forward to designing together again!

Priscilla said...

Wow...Gunn what a wonderful post you have shared with us and what a great way to ring in the new year (only a few hours away for me) Your post was very touching and you are such a wonderful artist, writer, blogger, crafter and friend. I am so thrilled to know and be your friend. You are very kind with all your compliments, but dear please know that it all starts with you and without you being who you are, none of that would have happened to you. I would like to give you all the credit because your own giving nature (I loved your care package and cards you send "ME") and your willingness to give up your own time is what makes people drawn to "YOU". I must say all your favorite cards listed above are some of my favorites too. I am proud to say that I own the white butterfly one (thank you again) and will cherish it always. I wish you and your family (kitties too) the BEST 2011 EVER!! Much love from your friend

Dawn Edwards said...

Gunn!!!!! Your post was so heartfelt! As I read along I could relate so much! I Have had a similar year in 2010 but what makes mine different from yours is you are one of those Godessess to me. I admire your style and spirit so much! I'm Honored to have found you in Blogland and chat with you on occasion. Thank you for Inspiring me with your artwork and friendship. I wish you a Even better 2011 because you deserve it!

Guro said...

For et herlig innlegg Gunn!!! Og jeg må innrømme at jeg kjente meg litt igjen i det du skrev. Har også hatt en lignende erfaring i 2010, og kommentarer betyr utrolig masse. De bringer så mye glede og inspirasjon!
Har vært utrolig inspirerende å følge deg, og jeg gleder meg til å jobbe sammen med deg i Midnight Madness; en sann ære!
Dere er virkelig et forbilde, og kommentaren deres tror jeg inspirere alle som er innom; det er alltid gjennomtenkt og inspirerende.

Håper du hadde en fin kveld igår, og at det nye året bringer deg mye glede og kreative stunder!
Klem Guro