February 6, 2011

LOC Cake party Sneak Peak

Don't forget the LOC Cake Party February 23rd!

Here is a little sneak peak of the tasty cakes I have made! 

Want to see more? Then come back February 23rd!
And hey - why don't you join in?
The cake template is to be found rigth here.


Lovely Linda said...

YUMBLY!!! What a tease you are Gunn! These sneak peeks leave me wanting more for sure!! I am looking forward to seeing twhat you are 'cooking up' for us - cant wait! Thansk for sharing - now I am hungry! LOL! {{{hugs}}}

MaxineD said...

Ohhh - that butterfly is amazing and the chocolate corner looks so rich and yummy!! Looking forward to seeing your sweet creations on the 23rd!