April 3, 2011

GCSP07: Once in a Blue Moon

Over at the Gingersnap Creations blog they have a once in a blue moon challenge. This means that you can choose any of their previous challengethemes for your creation. 


This gave me the opportunity to visit some old "friends", Aristoteles and Plato. I say "friends" because I was not very fond of them while studying them, but they have grown on me *lol*. Now all the tears I shedded when I did not understand is forgotten and they are both a fond memory from my time at univeristy.
This painting is made by Rafael, another "friend" of mine, so this was truly walking down memory lane for me....
I think that in this painting they are conspiering about the future. They are making plans for how to make generations of literature Ph.d students go nuts over the fact that Aristotele's book "Comedia" is missing. I think that this moment, captured by Raphael, is when they dicided to destroy the book so that they would be ensured a good laugh all through their afterlife, wherever they would spend that. I think they were pretty evil men!
So how long did that take for me to go from thinkin of them as "friends" to calling them evil..... 30 sec? Well, I think that this is a good illustration of my relationship to these two great thinkers;
I love them, but I sure hate them too *LOL*

Thank you so much for stopping by!


MaxineD said...

Oh Gunn, thanks for the giggle you gave me with your wee dialogue alongside your card :-).
As ever your card is amazing, I love the over-all 'look' of it, and all the detail I see when I take a longer look. It is a treat to look longer and see all the glorious detail you use.

Gingersnap Stampers said...

Gorgeous piece! Love your take on the Ancient Ages challenge. Thanks for playing the Gingersnapper's Choice Challenge!

trisha too said...

I found you while snooping through the Blue Moon challenges at Gingersnap Creations--I REALLY like this piece! I was just reading a bit of philosophy, and look who shows up in your artwork!!!


Cgra said...

Found you via Gingersnap Creations - fantastic piece! I love the 'scroll' and the antiquing. Excellent art!

Zoechaos said...

This is a really fabulous piece everything about it is so right the colours the antique feel and the main image is fantastic. Many congratulations on being a Ginger Gem with this sensational piece. XOXO Zoe