November 24, 2011

My workdesk and a messy house....

How am I supposed to craft? They step in my stickles, they eat the feathers and they play with my pearls....

Today Lucas came home happy as a fiddle with a mouse in his mouth. The mouse was alive and not jet hurt, so it took a run for it, under my coffetable, under my sofa, under the rug..... It was quite the chase to catch it and let it loose. And this is what my livingroom looked like when it was all over.

Lucas was very frustrated that we had taken his toy away from him. This is not a happy cat!

Want to see what else is happening out there in the crafting (and mousechasing) world?

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MaxineD said...

Oh Gunn - what a mess - those very naughty cats, but hey, that's what cats are designed to do, catch mice!!
love that top photo of them both on your desk :-)

Angie said...

My cats also eat the plactic back of sticky tape along with walking through paint and jumping on paper about to be used... and buttons were made for them to play with ...but we have very few flies in the summer and spiders have a very short life....dont you just love them.

We used to have a cat who brought me live frogs as presents lol.

Bridget Larsen said...

hahaha they are determined to have their 5 minutes of fame and be photographed. uggghh I hate mice, we have them at work and at home, and they even die and cause a lot of bad smell, at least at work we just call the mice man to come but at home I have to wait for hubby to find it
Bridget #36

Julia Dunnit said...

Forgive me for being late, it takes a while to get round!!
Have to laugh at the upturned house that the mouse creates - and poor you - only trying to help!! It's odd with cats, they seem to instinctively want attention the minute you want to do soemthing else!

Shoshi said...

Awww... kitties... They wreck the place, you tear your hair... but you go on loving them, whatever!! I'm afraid ours are banned from my ARTHaven. Phoebe is more or less OK, but Beatrice is the nosiest cat in the UK if not the world, and not content with pulling stuff out, she has to chew it too. So it's a kitty free zone. Happy belated WOYWW, Shoshi (and Beatrice and Phoebe!) #70