December 5, 2011

12 Tags # 3

I am falling behind on the 12 tags, trying to play catch up, but somehow there where other things needing my attention the humongus dustrabbits flying all over the house....

Anyway here is my second take on the third tag, the first one I made was a good idea in theory but did not work out well :)

Take a look over at Tim Holtz' blog and join in on the fun!


Lovely Linda said...

A great tag Gunn - I have the TH Postcard Embossing Folder and you have inspired me to use it this is divine! I love the colours and your embellishments Gunn - they are great! {{{hugs}}}

Bridget Larsen said...

hee hee stop chasing those rabbits, they might stay still long enough to be invisible like mine rofl. Gorgeous tag as usual, I havent even started got other things to do

MaxineD said...

Love the tag Gunn - the great dimension and the colours are fabulous.
As for dust bunnies - they never run away, so you can guarantee they will be there after Christmas waiting to be rounded up :-) [I know from experience]