February 24, 2012

Pin cushion mannequinn

A couple of days ago I found this tutorial on Pinterest. I think it was my friend Carol who had pinned it there. Must say that I love Pinterest! The amount of inspiration to be found there are amazing!
Anyway, I am not one to take out my sewingmachine very easy. It is from the 60's and has become a grumpy old lady. She is just not very cooperative, so for the most times she is stuffed away, dusting down. But this project looked so fun I just had to try negotiate with her :)

This was my first try at this. My sewing skills are at best very limited, so the fact that I was able to pull this off says something about how easy this is. I do wish that I had something better to stuff the mannequinn with, I did not get the curves I would like to, but ok, first try. I am not sure why she turned out to be a bride... I was going for vintage.... but ok, that only means that I will have to make another one right?

I placed her on a candelstick holder. I love the shape of this one, it was one that my husband has from before we met. Lucky for me he did not have a close relationship to is so I was allowed to alter it. It is a set of three and I never liked them as candestick holders, they become way to thin and high, but for this purpose - perfect!

Thank you so much for stopping by!


Bridget Larsen said...

That is absolutely gorgeous, you wouldnt know you made it on a vintage sewing machine.

MaxineD said...

wonderful - so elegant - and you want to stick pins in it????

Lovely Linda said...

WOW Gunn - I have been away too long - this is divine and to think I nearly missed it! Gorgeous - I have spied another two and have to go and have a look - you are amazing my friend! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! {{{hugs}}}