March 23, 2012

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 101

I was a bit reluctant to sign up for the Creative Chemistry class. It is boring to follow a class if you don't have the products talked about. But it has been ok so far. Some of the techniques talked about I can not follow, but I really like to learn more about how the inks reacts and behave.

Todays was day 5 of the lessons and todays topic was Distress Stains. I have 2 of those, they are both supposed to be of the color Walnut stain, but they are not.... I bought my first Distress Stain in september. Did not really know how to use it, so it was put away. When I took it out to try it a few months later - it had turned green...... I e-mailed Ranger and they sent me a new one - no questions asked. I call that customer services! 

Anyway, that left me with two Distress Stains - one dark brown and one dark green. Not a lot to play with :) So I decided to go buy myself some - that turned out to be some of the most dissapointing shoppingtrip ever! We have 2 crafting shops in my town - and non of them have Distress stains. And they were not interested in taking them in either...... 
So, I must say "Shame on you Hobbyhimmelen"! 

So I just had to do my best, trying out the techniques and when I could not follow - I faked it :) Maybe I actually made up a couple of techniques myself - 
"Hey Tim - wanna learn some?" *LOL*

Tim is showing us  3 tags every day, I have not been a good student, so I have only finished this one so far. 

Thanks for stopping by!


Angelica said...

Jag tycker du har varit en mycket bra student!!! Snygg tag!!!
Lycka till i jakten på Stains :)
Gillar verkligen fjärilshalsbandet du gjort tidigare!!!

Monica said...

well i live in Texas and in my town no one sells anything by Ranger. I too have two stains and tomorrow plan to play around with them. My colors Antique Linen and Old paper, bought originally to make things look old and i wondered why i bought them as vintage is not my style. Now tomorrow will try them with something and see what happens.

Bonnie said...

I laughed when I read your narrative especially when I saw how beautiful your tag is! Pretty impressive for 2 colours, will watch for more of your creations!