July 1, 2012

My "new" craftingspace

We have redone our workarea! Both me and my husband have our computers in the livingroom, and this is also my craftingspace. It works ok, but I have disliked that we sat with our backs to the world. When the kids came to sit in the sofa we sat with our backs to them... not ok. I did also miss to see the TV, sometimes I want to watch TV while crafting - I am a multitasker! *LOL*

Anyway this weekend I have got all my wishes come true.

Here is the before picture:

Pretty messy.... 

Ready for the after picture?? 

Drumwirl........ tatam!

 His desk        and       my desk

I have got loads of storage now, but of course it is not enough, but it looks a lot better then before. I have thrown away so many boxes of different sizes and colors and material. I had them in clear plastic and in white plastic, red cardbord, white cardbord, black cardbord and even checkerbord cardbord.... no they are all black, except for those red boxes there, maybe I will have to paint those, 'couse they are not going anywhere!  They are my treasureboxes :)

It has been a huge job reoranizing all my stuff, but I dit get one problem - all my stamps had to go into one box.... mayhem I tell you, so I had to find a way to organize them and the most usable way was to put them into CD-cases. It was a huge job too....

But now they are all there - with names and description on the back so that I can easily find them. Because I have to keep them all in this box.

What I am going to do with my wood mounted stamps.... well I will have to think about that one other day. I really need to sleep some now :) 

But it is going to be some happy sleeping - I really like my new space!

Thanks for stopping by!

Oh - I almost forgot - I found some long lost treasures when reorganizing all my stuff - look what I found:

Happy :)


Bridget Larsen said...

Love the new space and the new colour, so do you face the kids watching tv now? hahaha about the cat plaque

MaxineD said...

Love the cat plaque!! :-) Your 'new' space looks amazing - well done :-)

Anonymous said...

Flott - hvor lenge var Adam i paradis - det vare vel ikke lenge før du trenger en ny omorganisering og ikke minst mer plass!

Anonymous said...

En katt som angripe rart lure på korfor. Hilsen Anders